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Tests reported

1.06 M
Total tests reported
18.44 k
Tests/100K population
1.13 k
Positive/100K population
64.84 k
993.74 k

Data notes

Negatives include only Wisconsin residents whose negative test results were reported electronically to DHS. This underestimates total negative test results.

Deaths must be reported by health providers or coroners, and recorded by local health departments, to be counted.

As of April 27, Wisconsin is reporting people tested.

On March 30, Wisconsin revised down negatives from 16550 to 15856.

In early June, Wisconsin started breaking out its probable cases. On June 25, we caught these figures, initially causing a large single day jump in cases, but in the late evening we updated our historical case numbers to include these on the appropriate days based on historical data provided to us by the state. In early June,

Wisconsin started breaking out its probable deaths. On June 29, we caught these figures, and only have data for them past that date.

On July 12, Wisconsin decreased deaths by one with no explanation.

Current stats

1.06 M
Total cases
5 k
1.01 k
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Data from The COVID Tracking Project.
Image from CivilServiceUSA.