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686.01 k
Total tests reported
9.84 k
Tests/100K population
Positive/100K population
40.66 k
645.35 k

Data notes

Washington reports confirmed cases, laboratory tests, and deaths as of the previous day. WA did not report new negative test results between March 31 and April 15. On April 18, data cleaning removed 190 confirmed cases that were discovered to be out of state residents tested in WA labs. As of April 27, Washington is reporting people tested. On June 18, due to a previous mistake in reporting negative cases, Washington state revised down the total number of tests. Additionally, Washington state removed seven deaths from its counts where, though the individual who died tested positive, COVID was not a contributing cause in their death. On June 22, we updated historic numbers of cases and tests from data on WA's dashboard. This update will temporarily cause an artificial decline in cases and numbers between June 21 and June 22. On 7/11, WA revised its hospitalizations down by 3 from 4665 to 4662.

Current stats

686.01 k
Total cases
4.75 k
1.44 k
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Data from The COVID Tracking Project.
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