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Tests reported

2.38 M
Total tests reported
26.7 k
Tests/100K population
2.09 k
Positive/100K population
185.94 k
2.19 M

Data notes

"Positive count includes deaths. Hospitalization + ICU counts include both positive cases and persons under investigation. As of May 11, New Jersey is reporting total PCR specimens tested.

On May 16, New Jersey had a significant jump in recovered (about 7,000) due to backfilling previous days after a shift in how this figure was reported on April 28.

On July 16, New Jersey decreased the number of cumulative recoveries.

On July 19, New Jersey reported 31 fewer cases than the preceding day. We believe this drop was due to reclassifying probable cases.

On July 20, New Jersey decreased the number of cumulative hospitalizations.

On August 4, New Jersey reported current hospitalizations of 470, down from the previous report of 738 on August 3

Beginning on August 5, New Jersey is not publishing the PDF in which it usually reports Cumulative Hospitalized."

On August 7th, we backfilled New Jersey's probable deaths based on a state-provided time series of probable deaths by death date. We also updated historical values for the total death column so that it combines confirmed deaths by date reported on the NJ dashboard with probable deaths by death date. This removed some previous dramatic changes in the total death number that were due to sporadic reporting of probable deaths (e.g. 1854 all reported on June 25, decreases in deaths on 7/22 and 7/29, etc.).

Current stats

2.38 M
Total cases
22.1 k
15.89 k
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