New Jersey

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Tests reported

1.66 M
Total tests reported
18.67 k
Tests/100K population
1.97 k
Positive/100K population
174.96 k
1.49 M

Data notes

Positive count includes deaths. Hospitalization + ICU counts include both positive cases and persons under investigation. As of May 11, New Jersey is reporting total PCR specimens tested. On May 16, New Jersey had a significant jump in recovered (about 7,000) due to backfilling previous days after a shift in how this figure was reported on April 28. On June 25th, New Jersey reported 1854 probable deaths that occured in the past. This causes a perecived increase in the daily number of deaths. On July 8, New Jersey reported another 89 probable deaths that occurred previously. This again artificially inflated the day's reported death toll. We are waiting to receive a dated time series from NJ to properly backfill the data.

Current stats

1.66 M
Total cases
20.63 k
15.53 k
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8.9 M
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Data from The COVID Tracking Project.
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