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Tests reported

604.02 k
Total tests reported
45.64 k
Tests/100K population
4.74 k
Positive/100K population
62.77 k
541.26 k

Data notes

Negative test results reported in our API and CSVs are calculated by subtracting Confirmed cases from Total PCR tests (people).

On January 10, 2021, New Hampshire’s Total antigen tests (specimens) increased by 41167 without explanation.

On January 1, 2021, New Hampshire did not update their COVID-19 data by the time of our daily update.

On December 26, 2020, we began capturing New Hampshire's "Antigen Positive" cases as Probable cases instead of Positive antigen tests (people) and revised its historical numbers so that Confirmed cases reflected only PCR positives. We also modified Negative (people or cases) to subtract these confirmed cases. Because negatives are calculated from lumped figures including antigen before November 20, negatives are artificially high on that day.

On December 25, 2020, New Hampshire did not update their data, presumably due to the Christmas holiday.

On November 13, 2020, New Hampshire announced: "The Dashboard Service is currently undergoing system maintenance and will be restored by November 16, 4:00 PM EST." This means Total tests (in specimens), Ever hospitalized, Ever in ICU, and Total Antibody Tests will not be updated during this time.

As of September 18, 2020, New Hampshire's total test results are drawn from our totalTestsViral field instead of calculated via positive+negative. The number of unique people tested is available in our API as totalTestsPeopleViral.

On September 9, 2020, New Hampshire did not update their dashboards or summary report by the time of our update.

On September 2, 2020, New Hampshire did not update their dashboards or summary report by the time of our update.

As of May 25, 2020, New Hampshire reports PCR tests separately from antibody tests.

Current stats

604.02 k
Total cases
1.01 k
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