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Data notes

Michigan has reported each day's negative results since 3/10 but has never totaled them. We sum all the negative results and report the total. Michigan reports specimens tested instead of people tested. Recovered counts are updated once a week. As of May 16, Michigan uses 'total specimens' reported on lab testing page As of May 23, Michigan is separating out antibody and PCR tests; we report the number of PCR tests. Total testing numbers might be impacted. As of June 5, positives include both confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19, as reported by the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services. On 6/11 MI DDHS provided an XLS with historical time series and we updated our data  to reflect the correct dates of probable and confirmed cases and deaths. As of 7/7, MI updates its death figures three times a week after conducting reviews of death certificates. As a result, new deaths may not always reflect deaths in the past 24 hours.

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Data from The COVID Tracking Project.
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