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Positive/100K population
532.81 k
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Data notes

We report using the raw data provided by FDOH but we include both Florida residents and non-residents.

On March 21, negatives jumped due to a methodology change: tests of people not investigated as PUIs are now included.

On March 26, the dashboard stopped including non-residents in its visible counts, but they're still tracked behind the scenes.

Per reporting https://www.miamiherald.com/news/coronavirus/article241882491.html, the number of pending tests might be an under-count since it might include only public labs.

As of May 15, Florida is reporting both specimens (PCR and antibody) and people tested. We report positives and negatives based on the number of people tested. However, the "people tested" number reported on Florida's dashboard has come into question as of May 31, because this number is not fully de-duplicated. Florida's report states that: "People tested on multiple days will be included for each day a new result was received."

As of July 2, Florida is reporting PCR and antigen tests together.

As of July 10, Florida is reporting current hospitalizations as those with a "primary diagnosis of COVID-19."

On August 9, Florida did not update non-resident hospitalizations or deaths on their dashboard or publicly available ArcGIS data by our publication time. We used the data reported on their state report to report the state's data. The state report only includes Florida residents in their data so we carried over yesterday's cumulative number of non-Florida residents (388) who were hospitalized in the state as well as yesterday's number of non-Florida resident deaths (129).

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Data from The COVID Tracking Project.
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