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Tests reported

392.1 k
Total tests reported
7.44 k
Tests/100K population
Positive/100K population
36.59 k
355.51 k

Data notes

Negative = People Tested - Cases. Cases include people who test positive for COVID-19 AND people who have symptoms of COVID-19 and are a close contact to someone who tested positive. While Colorado publishes a confirmed/probable breakdown, this breakdown pertains to cases resulting in deaths rather than death certificates with COVID-19 listed as a contributing cause. As such, we do not count from it to maintain consistency with the total deaths figure from death certificates.As of April 27, Colorado is reporting people tested. On 6/14, CO revised some previous daily discharged number. This caused an overall decline in their recovered count. On 5/15 (which we caught on our update 5/16), Colorado started providing a new figure for deaths where COVID-19 is listed on the death certificate, in addition to the figure it already provided, deaths among laboratory-confirmed and probable cases (whether or not COVID was a cause of death). On 7/1, we revised our historical data to reflect the deaths certificate figure instead of the deaths among cases. As such, it appears as if there is a drop from 1091 deaths on 5/15 to 878 on 5/16 in our data.

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392.1 k
Total cases
5.89 k
1.59 k
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Data from The COVID Tracking Project.
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