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Tests reported

1.39 M
Total tests reported
46.96 k
Tests/100K population
3.91 k
Positive/100K population
115.81 k
1.27 M

Data notes

During the week of September 20, 2020, Arkansas made some continual adjustments to its antigen people tested numbers, resulting in some fluctuation in its negatives and totals.

As of September 18, 2020, Arkansas's total test results are drawn from our totalTestsViral field instead of calculated via positive+negative. The totals do not include repeat positives—counting individuals only for their first positive—but do count repeat negative tests.

On September 16, 2020, Arkansas’s Negative Tests (PCR) dropped by 26,801 tests, causing its Total Tests (PCR) to drop by 26,195 tests due to the reversal of a data dump of negative test results that Arkansas reversed. It also added 140 probable deaths, not all of which dated to September 16.

On September 3, 2020, Arkansas began reporting probable cases according to the most recent CSTE definitions, in addition to confirmed cases. This added 423 new cases to AR’s Total cases number.

On Aug 15, 2020, Arkansas data changed due to deduplication and the state's removal of out-of-state cases from its dataset. These changes resulted in reductions in Total cases, Ever hospitalized, and Ever in ICU data.

Current stats

1.39 M
Total cases
7.27 k
2.03 k
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2.96 M
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Data from The COVID Tracking Project.
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