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Tests reported

1.06 M
Total tests reported
15.97 k
Tests/100K population
2.88 k
Positive/100K population
190.79 k
867.38 k

Data notes

Negative = Total - Positive.

As of May 8, Arizona is reporting specimens tested, including both PCR and antibody tests. Because some people may be tested more than once, this number is probably higher than the number of people tested.

On June 23, we updated our historical data for cumulative hospitalization to match Arizona's dashboard hospitalized by date admitted data. This data is not typically reported until several days after admittance. Our daily updates to this value going forward will continue to take Arizona’s overall number as of that day, regardless of date admitted.

On July 18, Arizona’s dashboard stopped displaying the confirmed vs. probable breakdown of cases and deaths with its hover-over feature. We are going to back-fill the breakdown once Arizona provides the historical numbers.

On July 28 and July 29, we noticed that Arizona's Currently Hospitalized statistics decreased slightly while its Cumulative Hospitalized statistics increased significantly. We are unsure of the reason.

On August 5, Arizona's dashboard resumed displaying the confirmed vs. probable breakdown of cases and deaths in the hover-over feature.

Current stats

1.06 M
Total cases
20.5 k
4.38 k
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6.63 M
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Data from The COVID Tracking Project.
Image from CivilServiceUSA.